Social Expedition offers the lowdown on high tech

A couple years ago, when I first started attending the monthly Social Expedition breakfasts, I remember sitting beside or near digital communications strategist Beth Sanders and watching her tap out tweets on her smartphone to alert followers who weren’t at the gathering about what was taking place over bacon and eggs and endless pots of coffee at the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis.

Fast forward to 2012 and there I was again this morning, sitting beside Beth (still at the U of M Holiday Inn, but in a different room) and there she was, engaged with a mobile device. Except this time it was her tablet instead of her smartphone.

And plenty of other folks at the gathering were similarly engaged.

Admittedly a meeting of Memphis tech geeks – their words, not mine – these regular forums provide invaluable insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the tech world and the reasons why.

The encouraging thing about the Social Expedition breakfasts (first Tuesdays of each month, 7:30 to 9 a.m. at the U of M Holiday Inn, 3700 Central) is that participants don’t have to be techxperts to participate. All that’s required is a passion (or even a passing interest) in technology and social media and in learning how different digital platforms can enhance your business and/or your life.

At today’s meeting, Social Expedition coordinator Dave Barger, founder of LunaWeb, led an spirited discussion on the pros and cons (note that I didn’t say pluses and minuses) of Google +.

Some folks love it. Others hate it. Both sides explained why.

And that’s just part of what you missed if you didn’t attend today’s Social Expedition breakfast.

But you’re in luck, because audio versions of most of the programs are available at the organization’s online site, so be sure to check the link below for more info.

And while you’re at it, make plans to attend an upcoming meeting.

You’ll meet some great folks, you’ll probably learn a thing or two and you can even share some of your own expertise and a few favorite Internet tools if you’d like.

Cost is $20 if you want breakfast, $15 if you bring a friend.

Next meeting is on March 7. For details, visit:

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