This Week in Small Business

Business consultant Gene Marks, in a post today at the New York Times’ You’re The Boss blog, discusses some issues affecting small business owners this week.

From Marks:

The Big Story: Small Businesses in the Spotlight

During National Small Business Week, the Small Business Administration honors its champions and recognizes top lenders, investment companies and resource partners — and then is beat up by small-business owners. The National Federation of Independent Business uses the week to talk taxes, but Ellen Bravo doesn’t want to hear it. Paychex lists the five biggest issues facing small-business owners. A new report says that small businesses and new businesses have been responsible for two of every three net new jobs. Small businesses are reporting increases in hiring and sales. Business owners in the Northeast are anticipating improved revenues and moderate hiring. Capital One’s barometer shows things are looking up. Next year, how about National Big Business Week?

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