Kauffman Foundation offers new latest in sketchbook series

Got three minutes?

Then spend it watching a fantastic new animated video from the folks at the Kauffman Foundation on hot to boost capitalism by strengthening entrepreneurship.

This is the latest in Kauffman’s sketchbook series, which utilizes an innovative (and slightly retro) method of drawing images to help us draw conclusions about topics related to entrepreneurship.

There are a dozen short videos available at Kauffman’s site – actually, the newest one doesn’t even hit three minutes; it comes in at 2:54.

So instead of spending time watching some amateur video of a cat playing piano, head over to Kauffman and take a few minutes to become enlightened.

Trust me on this one – it’s offers a solid return on investment.

Here’s the link – check it out: http://www.kauffman.org/sketchbook.aspx

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