Ready, set, launch

Startups are sprouting all over Memphis.

That’s the word from organizers behind the upcoming 48-Hour Launch -┬ásponsored by LaunchMemphis – which by my count will be at least the third such event held this calendar year (there was a previous 48-Hour weekend hosted by LaunchMemphis earlier this year and also a revamped Startup Weekend that was hosted by another group, both forums highlighting entrepreneurial pursuits).

The next 48-Hour event takes place in a couple weeks and for those who have participated before, it’s a pretty cool drill.

You come on a Friday afternoon prepared to pitch your startup, you get a couple minutes to do so and at the end of pitch-time, folks decide which startup concepts offer the greatest potential for success.

And then the bulk of the weekend is spent readying those fledgling companies for launch status, with presentations on Sunday evening.

If you don’t have a startup to pitch, but would like to be involved in helping one get off the ground, there’s plenty for you to do, too. Come out and throw your support – and add your expertise – to the startups being developed.

Or if you’re just interested in getting a front row seat to one of the best shows featuring talented entrepreneurs in this area, come on out and listen to pitches about companies in the very early stages. Who knows? One of these could be the next big thing.

FedEx and Google and Facebook all started out as ideas, after all. Make sure you come listen to some of these.

For all the details on how to get involved, visit:

And for a great take on the upcoming event, check out this post by our pal Kyle Sandler over at Nibletz:

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