Tennessee startup aims to revolutionize healthcare payment plans

With all the news, hypothesis and opinion floating around regarding changes to health care, here’s an interesting update from a startup in Middle Tennessee.

From the folks at Nibletz.com comes a report about a company that aims to provide a new healthcare payment option.

From Nibletz:

A Brentwood, Tenn., startup called MDSave is connecting self-pay patients with a choice in healthcare that they hadn’t had before. Doctors who use the MDSave platform share their prices and extend deals to self-pay patients and those with high deductible health insurance plans.

MDSave doesn’t only provide more options for those self-pay patients, but in turn they help keep the emergency rooms and urgent care clinics less crowded. Perusing the MDSave website you can find that doctors are competing for those self-pay patients so they keep their services affordable.

The doctors on the platform pay a small subscription fee. Patients on the other hand, use the platform to search for the type of medical service they need by ZIP code. Once they’ve selected a participating doctor they pay in advance through the MDSave platform and they’re giving a voucher to see the doctor they selected.

To read more about the startup in Brentwood and others elsewhere (except in Silicon Valley), visit: http://nibletz.com/2012/11/tennessee-startup-mdsave-raising-1-million-connect-pays-care/

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