Memphis-based Vee-Co sticks to what it does best, even as the market goes global

Mike Vernon and his mother Rose have piloted Vee-Co through half a century of changes in the automotive industry, namely long periods of outsourcing parts and maintenance to other countries. Vee-Co repairs alternators and generators, the electrical systems, of cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. Vernon has been working in the family business since he was a teenager. (Photo by Chris Desmond)

By Jonathan Devin

Memphis Commercial Appeal

Posted January 7, 2013 at midnight

In some industries even the little guy’s in a global economy.

A local, family-owned alternator remanufacturing business hopes that time-honed skills and a good reputation will speak for itself in an economic climate that favors “quick and cheap.”

“We see more and more parts being remanufactured in Mexico,” said Mike Vernon, co-owner of Vee-Co with his mother, Rose. “Most of the large remanufacturers have either gone out of business or relocated to Mexico.”

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