National spotlight shines on Memphis startup community

A few weeks ago, the folks at Memphis Bioworks Foundation were contacted by reporters at the Wall Street Journal to discuss entrepreneurship in the Bluff City and they were asked for some suggestions about some of the white-hot movers and shakers in our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The result is that Memphis is featured on “The Accelerators,” the WSJ website devoted to entrepreneurship and startups.

As part of a week-long series on entrepreneurship in the nation’s heartland, the WSJ selected 5 cities where startup support is gaining traction. Spoiler alert: Memphis is one of the chosen communities and Tuesday is our day to shine.

In today’s WSJ blog, the writers take a look at Boulder, Colo. Tomorrow the focus will be on Memphis and the rest of the week there’ll be posts on Washington, D.C., Omaha, Neb., and Portland, Oregon.

This is significant for many reasons, notably because such a respected news source outside the confines of Memphis is taking notice of the entrepreneurial activity here and reporting the challenges and rewards of launching a startup here.

Make sure to check out today’s Accelerators entry and be sure to visit the site again tomorrow to see how Memphis fares.

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