Best entrepreneur is one who scratches own itch


Check out the latest video from the folks at the Kauffman Foundation. The animated short is the latest effort by the organization to offer a quick, engaging look at what makes an entrepreneur tick. Or itch, in this case.

From Wendy Guillies at Kauffman:

In the video titled “The Itch,” released today by the Kauffman Foundation, Kedrosky suggests that the best entrepreneurs are people who scratch their own itch. “One of the things that you see that’s really unusual … is this degree of itchiness and impatience,” he says. “They just can’t wait for someone else to do it.”

Kedrosky cites the stories of renowned entrepreneurs Craig Newmark of Craig’s List, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Steve Jobs of Apple to help illustrate his points. “It’s this kind of monomaniacal need to satisfy themselves crossed with impatience,” Kedrosky says. “They were maddened and frustrated at the world, they scratched their own itch, and it turned out to be an itch that a lot of us had.”

To see the video, visit:

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