Kudos to Screwpulp

Hats off to the Screwpulp team, the guys behind the Memphis startup that’s generating buzz nationwide.

After a successful trip to New York City, they’re busy getting the word out about their publishing endeavor and folks are taking notice. And that includes the team at Southern Alpha, an online news source covering the entrepreneurial scene in the Southeast.

I met the Southern Alpha folks at the Southland conference back in June and I was impressed with their commitment to covering startups and entrepreneurship across this region. It’s particularly encouraging when they give a great shout-out to one of our own up-and-coming success stories in the Memphis entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Here’s part of what Southern Alpha had to say:

Memphis TN’s Seed Hatchery golden boys Screwpulp have been making moves with imperative velocity since our last check-in early July (Screwpulp: Hot Box Hangout Vid). This written media publishing, purchasing, and reading app startup has been hustling their idea and undeniable mentorship capacities all across the East Coast and are now shifting their focus to make room for their own imposed growth.

Panel Seats in the Big Apple

Last month, Screwpulp was invited as one of three startups to attend the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in NYC.  This monumental event welcomed them to a panel entitled “From Author to Reader, Publishing and Selling Direct”, as Screwpulp spoke amongst prolific publishing/media forces such as Dreamworks, Random House, NBC, and Penguin. Visit the list of speakers on the Innovation Enterprise site to peep Screwpulp’s logo betwixt some impressive names.

Their contributions and expertise? Preach to an entire industry about overcoming the massive challenges of creating an ebook venue that doesn’t rely on a pre-existing saturated marketplace such as Amazon. You can only piggyback the big guys for so long… Screwpulp is going rouge and promoting severance.

So do yourself a favor and check out today’s post on Screwpulp. You’ll find it here: http://southernalpha.com/screwpulp-undeniable-ascendency/

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